Term Assurance

When it is recognized that life is uncertain, the importance of ensuring that our income is protected is felt all the more. Death is a certainty, only its timing is uncertain. Apart from old age, there are other reasons for death which could be by accidents, health reasons etc., When a person is the sole income earner on whom a family depends, then the need for protection of that person's income becomes all the more important. Further, if there are outstanding loans and other debts or needs for your family which are unfinished, then a sudden loss of income could land the dependants in a serious crisis. Some of the questions that one may ask oneself are as follows

  • What is your family's living expense on a yearly basis?
  • Do the funds for taking care of these expenses come from your earned income alone?
  • What are the most important financial goals for yourself and your loved ones during your income generating years?
  • What is the cost of taking care of these goals? What plans have you made for taking care of these goals?
  • Have you considered your outstanding debts as on date?
  • How would your dependants pay the debts and take care of the goals if you were not there?
  • How much can you set aside on a monthly basis to ensure that your loved ones are protected in the event of the unfortunate?

Guarateeing Protection for your family with Term Insurance

The Term Insurance Plan form National Life enables one to decide on a term and a predetermined Protection Benefit that one would like his family to his/her family to receive in the event something unfortunate were to befall the income earner. The benefit is payment of Sum Assured to the beneficiaries in the event of death.

  • Low Premiums
  • High protection
  • 24 hour world wide cover

What you need to do?

Choose the duration of the plan (the term), the Sum Assured, make the decision and start making the contributions (premiums) on a monthly, quarterly, half- early or annual basis.

What you get?

What you ensure for your loved ones?
If death happens, you ensure that your family receives the Sum Assured

Let's take an example
Suhail is 30 years old. It is 3 years after his marriage. He has two children and has an outstanding car loan of RO.5000/- further, he also has taken loan for buying appliances of which 2000 is outstanding. Also he would like to ensure that his children have excellent education in the event the unfortunate were to befall. He has calculated that he would need RO.16000 for that. He would like to protect his family in the event the unfortunate were to befall. What that means is that he would like to protect his family from a debt liability of RO.7000/- and he would also like to ensure that his children's education is taken care of even if he were not there. Therefore he takes a Term Insurance plan from National Life for RO.23000/- (RO.7000 plus RO.16000) for a period of 10 years because his car loan would get completely paid by 10 years.

Situation A
What has Suhail ensured for his loved ones with this plan?
In the event the unfortunate were to befall, Suhail's family would receive RO.23000/- immediately so that the debt of RO.7000/- is immediately settled and funds for children's education are immediately taken care of.