Savings Plus Plan

As we advance in life, we pass through various milestones. It starts with our schooling, going to college, getting a job, getting the first salary raise or a promotion, getting married, having children, children entering school, children completing high school, their entering into professional college, getting jobs and settling down, preparing for our own retirement and so on an so fourth. These milestones make our life worthwhile. It is important to note that as we progress in life, we are expected to shoulder increasing responsibility. And most times, responsibility is interconnected with financial readiness. Let's say, you want to buy a car, or get married, or want to plan for a tour to a far off country with your family or spouse; everything incurs a cost. More importantly, these costs should never eat into the savings set aside for other more important goals such as planning for your children's education or marriage. The way you can really live your dream life is by having a saving in a disciplined way by anticipating your mid term and long term financial goals.

  • What are the next major mid term plans (6 to 15 years) involving money in your life (Buying a car, getting married, going on a holiday,)?
  • What are the long term plans (15 to 30 years) that need your consideration (planning for children's education, children's marriage, retirement)?
  • How would you prioritize them considering that those that involve responsibility should figure first in the priority list?
  • How much money would be needed to take care of the plans that are top in your priority list? Have you made arrangements for it?
  • If you have not, then when do you intend to start? If you have taken care of the more important goals, then what about the items that come later in your priority list?
  • What would be the cost involved, do you already have the money? If not, when do you intend to start to save?

A good plan to make your dreams come true

The Personal Savings Plan enables one to plan for the milestones in ones life by way of anticipating and saving. The maturity amount and additional bonuses that are received during the planned date helps to offer the necessary funds to make your dreams come true. The benefits are: An investment fund aimed at making your mid term or long term dream into a reality and yearly bonuses that will mature at the pre planned date. In case of an unfortunate event it offers protection to the beneficiaries. This Plan offers a feeling of being in control to make your dream into a reality and good return on investment.

  • Affordable Premiums
  • Anticipating and preparing for your dreams
  • Building a Disciplined savings habit
  • Availability of funds when necessary
  • Additional Protection 24 hour's world over.

What you need to do?

Choose the duration of the plan (the term), the total Sum required for your goal (the sum assured) make the decision and start the contributions (premiums) on a monthly, quarterly, half- early or annual basis.

What you get?

  • On the date of maturity, one gets the total of the Sum Assured and the accumulated reversionary bonuses.
  • In case of an untoward event prior to the date of maturity, the beneficiary gets the sum assured and the accumulated bonuses.
Let's take an example

Ali is a young man aged 20 from Ruwi. He has recently started working as a Supervisor for a pharmaceutical company. Now Ali feels it is the right time to start saving for a plot of land which he wants to have in 6 years when he is 26 years old. The current cost of the plot is RO.5300. Ali doesn't want to take any risk; he therefore considers the possibility of the increase in price and assumes that if he has RO 6500 in six years, he will be able to afford the plot.

Ali takes a Personal Savings Plan from National Life for a SA of RO 6500 for a monthly contribution of 97.5 rials. This will give him a sense of control that he is saving for the plot and also provide all the necessary funds to buy it in 6 years.

At age 26 what will Ali receive from the company?
Ali will receive the Sum Assured of RO 6500.

Any thing else?
In addition to the Sum Assured, Ali would receive Reversionary bonus as a percentage of the Sum Assured for the term of the policy.

What happens in the unfortunate event of death?
Immediately Ali's beneficiary would receive the Sum Assured of RO.6500 and all accumulated bonuses.