Individual Credit Life Plan

NLGIC’s Individual Credit Life Insurance is a unique insurance solution of its own kind and it has been designed to help individual customers’ safeguard their loan as it pays- off customer’s insured debt in case of unfortunate death or disability. This new product provides solution in a way that your loan amount is insured for the duration of your repayment period. In the unfortunate event of death and disability, all outstanding loan payments as per standard loan amortization schedule will be paid by the company so your financial burdens are kept to a minimum. The objective of this product is to allow you to avoid leaving a significant debt for your surviving dependents in case of unfortunate event occurs prior to repayment of the loan taken by you. It enables your loved ones to keep the asset built up by you and all the benefits associated with it.

This plan will be available to wider age group and this plan is flexible to cover loan of varying amounts. It offers host of features which make this insurance solutions unique and exclusive in this market. It has been designed to provide absolute and comprehensive insurance solutions to the common man and most importantly priced within reach.

NLGIC’s Individual Credit Life Insurance uniquely provides following Key benefits to its customers.

  • Comprehensive protection against various types of loans.
  • Though this policy, Individuals can minimize the loan repayment burden in case of unfortunate death or disability.
  • Insurance benefit will enable in lightening the financial burden on borrower’s family.
  • Premium is as low as 50 % as compared to Market and thus customer can save considerable amount of money while buying this insurance coverage.
  • NLGIC offers additional coverage which will be Payable to the Legal Heirs
    • Additional Death Benefit and
    • Upto RO 1000 towards funeral expenses of the deceased insured member in case of any unfortunate event
  • No additional Insurance cost to be incurred while transferring loan from one bank to another.
  • Customer will be left with more money when compared to Market current Interest Scenario, after settling the amount to the lender.
  • NLGIC offers higher refund of premium.
  • This insurance can also be availed to cover Top up Loan.

In addition to this, this product is backed by one of the best service teams in the industry with clearly defined benchmarks for transaction processing and handling enquiries. NLGIC’s team ensures that its customer enjoys a high level of service, together with efficient claims settlement.

Individual Credit Life Insurance is now available for customers. GETTING INSURED WITH CREDIT LIFE INSURANCE IS A RESPONSIBLE CHOICE for anyone with financial dependents, expenses and debts.