Group Life

Group Life Insurance

For every organization, employees are the most valuable asset, and it is natural that the employer should be concerned about their well-being. This is precisely why NLG's Group Life Insurance Plan will make sense to any organization. It is a gesture that will be appreciated, and will single out the organization as a caring and responsible employer.

What is Group Life Insurance?

Basically, it is a pooled insurance plan taken out by the employer for a group of employees. Its purpose is to provide the employees and their dependents with various financial benefits in the event of sudden disability or death.

Benefits that go beyond the Office

Taking out a Group Life Insurance Plan is a concrete example of concern for employees. It definitely shows the caring attitude as an employer and develops a positive response among the employees or other group members. This leads to greater loyalty because the beneficiaries are their dependents. With its cost-effective benefits provisions, the Group Life Insurance Plan gives a high-perceived value for a comparatively low premium cost.

Why does an employer need it?

So many unforeseen things can happen to an employee such as:

  • Death by accident or natural causes
  • Disabilities due to accident or sickness
  • Accident or sickness requiring medical / hospital care
  • Temporary disability
  • Dreaded diseases such as cancer, kidney failure, etc.

With the National Life Group Life Insurance Plan, the employer will minimize the financial burden on the organization and/or an employee

Benefits: Sum Assured Payable on
Death by Any Cause (DAC) Death due to any reason
Permanent Total Disability (Accident and Sickness) Government Medical Board Declaration of 100% disability due to any work
Permanent Partial Disability (Accident & Sickness) Government Medical Board Declaration of the degree of disability to do any work.
Temporary Total Disability (Accident) Salary payable on sick leave after accidents
Repatriation on Death or Permanent Total Disability Actual expenses incurred on repatriation of the body to the Native Country.