Education Savings Plan

Having a child is a joy. But as the provider, your responsibility increases with having a child. You desire to equip your child with all the tools necessary for a settled and peaceful life. In today's competitive world, more and more professional occupations require advance degrees and the average annual income for college graduates is 75% higher than for High school graduates*. Quality education comes at a price. So having enough funds during the crucial years of professional college is an important aspect that needs our consideration.

  • How strongly do you feel the desire to see your children well settled in life?
  • Did you know that providing children with the right kind of education is the most crucial thing to make this dream into a reality?
  • What is the kind of education you have in mind for your child and what would be the cost involved when your child is ready for it?
  • What arrangements have you made so far? How do your propose to take care of the short fall?
  • Have you considered the ups and downs in life?
  • Who will take care of your child's education?
  • How much time more do you have left to plan?
  • Can you imagine the effect of not having the necessary funds during the crucial years of your child's professional education?

    (*Source: 1999 U.S. Census Bureau March Current Population Survey Income Statistics Branch/HHES Division)