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Comprehensive Personal Plan

NLG Comprehensive Personal Plan

National Life & General Comprehensive Personal Plan

Basic Cover

NLG Comprehensive Personal Plan (CPP) for Life and Personal accident cover !! It provides insurance cover for life, Personal Accident protection.

Coverage Limit
Death by any cause other than accident RO 3,000
Death by accident RO 8,000
Medical expenses for accident Actual up to RO 1,000
Permanent Total Disability on accident RO 1,000
Permanent Partial Disability due to accident A percentage of RO 1,000 as per the continental scale
Repatriation on death / permanent total disability Actual up to RO 500
Weekly compensation for Temporary Total Disability due to accidents 75% of salary after a waiting period of 7 days, for a maximum period of 52 weeks, subject to an annual maximum of RO 1,000
Age limits 18 to 55 yrs.